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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first article writing

From the very beginning I am thinking to write my first article in a different way. First article will say the theme of this blog. Article writing is an art of blogging. As I believe 'Good begging is half of the battle', so I also believe this first article will also half of my site. I think blogging is also a struggle. Many times before this I worked with blog building. But most of the time I failed. But I never depressed. I always try again and again. I understood that article writing is important part
 of search based blogging. I myself write this first article in a very simple way with my own thinking. I have named this blog site is 'All Solutions In Life'. I want to help all types of people through the solutions of all types with this blog with the help of my expert team.
I think all of you are reading my first article with full concentration; and that's why I like to expect your comments for this post. You can suggest me easily about my thinking with your thinking. Obviously I'll follow your good suggestions and plan in article writing.
I wanna say in this first article about my friend who is with me to build this blog the best way. He suggested me to build up this type of blog from where all types of people will be benefited. We decided that we'll write all types of topics and 'll try to give all types of solutions when anyone faces a problem.

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