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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coconut oil helps to make beautiful skin


Coconut oil can help making you more beautiful skin. It has been used for centuries in tropical cultures as a health and beauty aid. It's only in the last century that this wonder oil has gotten a bad rap. Like so many of nature's wonderful gifts, the modern medical system has demonized it. Adding to the problem, the modern food industry has processed and refined it, until it's nothing but a useless fat to add to packaged junk food.

Before discussing the benefits, let's talk about the difference between refined coconut oil, and virgin coconut oil. The refined oil not only has no flavor, but most of its nutritional value has been stripped away. When you shop for coconut oil, look for unrefined, virgin, extra virgin or cold pressed oil. Organic is best. It tastes delicious (like coconuts!), and has so many health benefits.

So what are the healthy reasons to eat it? It's rich in omega fatty acids and Lauric acid. Researchers have found that regular consumption may lower cholesterol, help to regulate thyroid function, and aid in weight loss. It may help prevent infections, increase energy, lessen or prevent the effects of Alzheimer's, and aid in skin and hair repair and health. This is only a partial list of all the potential benefits!!

8 ways coconut oil can give you more beautiful skin

Taken as a dietary supplement:
1. It is a good source of omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are critical to creating healthy skin.
2. It's an excellent source of Lauric acid, which is extremely helpful in fighting bacteria and viruses. Often, skin issues such as acne or sensitive skin are the result of too much yeast in the body. Increasing your consumption of Lauric acid can help regulate yeast, and in turn, ease skin problems.
3. The oil is an antioxidant and an immunity booster. This means that consuming it may strengthen the skin to better withstand irritants in the environment that cause reactions or breakouts.
4. Coconut oil is good for your overall health. The better your health, the better the condition of your skin!

How do you eat coconut oil?
Keep it at room temperature. It will be a soft, solid consistency, similar to butter. Researchers report that the ideal amount for an adult to consume is 3 to 4 tablespoons per day. Try to take it 3 times a day with meals. Many people just eat it by the spoonful. If you don't enjoy eating it on its own, try mixing it with other foods. It is delicious spread on toast, instead of butter. Try blending it into a smoothie. Use it over pasta, rather than butter or oil, or mix it directly into your pasta sauce. Use your creativity - the options are endless!

Applied externally:
1. Coconut oil extremely nourishing. Use it for a special treat on your hands, feet, hair or even your face, when you need a deep moisturizing. Apply just like a lotion or massage oil.
2. Its anti-bacterial properties make it a good on-the-spot pimple treatment, without the drying effects of most products.
3. Applied directly, it is a good aid in fighting skin issues like warts.
4. It is an extremely effective makeup remover that will leave your skin feeling nourished. Rub it all over your face to loosen makeup, dirt and grime, and then wash like you normally do.

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